Beginners’ Guide to Finding Good Cannabis

Getting cannabis at a dispensary can be intimidating, especially if you’re newer to it. You may hear words like “top-shelf” and “boof” thrown around, but what do they actually mean? How can you tell bad vs. good cannabis?

Here are a few main factors to consider:

  • Appearance: High-quality flower looks colorful and frosty (because of the trichomes). Look for deep or bright greens and orange or red hairs. If the flower looks brown, dull, stemmy, or seedy, it’s lower quality.
  • Smell: Some dispensaries allow you to smell the flower before you buy it. You should notice a pleasant and/or pungent aroma. Some strains emit a berry-like smell, white others have a skunky aroma. Bad flower can smell musky or moldy.
  • Feel: This is something you usually don’t get to experience until you buy your cannabis, but it’s important nonetheless. Good-quality flower is sticky and slightly spongy. Poor-quality flower can feel either a) too soft and wet, or b) too dry and crumbly.

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cannabis nugs in small tray