Take charge of your cannabis experience

everything you need to know before arriving at our spectacular East of eden

About Us

8AM – 10PM     Monday – Sunday

Private lot offered. Parking for walk-in
members is located in front of and to the side of the building, while curbside delivery parking is located in the front by the store windows. Our facility is ADA certified.

What to bring
A valid, government-issued driver’s license, identification card, or passport.

Forms of Payment
Cash and Debit (ATM on premises)


Your free membership that you’ll sign up for on your first visit helps to ensure that shopping in our store is a secure, comfortable, and convenient experience for all of our visitors. Members of East of Eden are privy to our wide selection of quality products, rewards points, pickup & delivery services, and on-site demonstrations and exclusive events. 

Earn Rewards With Every Purchase
With each purchase you make at East of Eden, you’re simultaneously earning reward points that are automatically added to your account upon completion of a purchase. You can view your current point total by simply asking your consultant on your next visit.

How it works:

  • Earn 2% cashback in rewards dollars on every purchase spend $50 to get $1 in rewards.
  • Credit can be used in either the total amount or partial increments. Points and credits have no expiration date.
  • Credits can be used on any purchase (except deliveries), including sale and discount items.
  • Points are non-transferable and cannot be shared between members.
cannabis flower
display case chocolates
East of Eden Dispensary edibles
concentrates and extracts

Daily deals & Discounts

Discounts can’t be combined and are available in-store only unless otherwise indicated.

Interior of dispensary, customers shopping

Smile. walk around. talk to people. Enjoy East of Eden.