About us

Huge Inventory

With over 1,400 SKUs, we carry the largest inventory of lab-tested and high-quality cannabis products in California!


We’ve got flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals—and much more.

Friendly Staff

The typical dispensary experience isn’t always friendly and inviting. We want to break that stigma and show people that cannabis can be positive and empowering.


Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to share their love of cannabis with you!

Convenient Transactions

Select East of Eden cannabis stores in Salinas provide pickup and delivery options so all customers can make purchases with ease.


Curbside pickup and home delivery services allow you to get closer to your cannabis with privacy, convenience, and safety in mind.

Community Support

We work to support and uplift our community by donating to local charities, hosting fundraisers, and providing education on the positive benefits of cannabis.

We also empower diverse California communities with living wages and employment benefits.

Be Welcomed, Not Judged

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always there to answer your questions. And, with a wide selection of cannabis products and accessories available, you’re sure to be satisfied.


Our goal with East of Eden is to break the negative stigmas around cannabis and show people that visiting a cannabis retail shop doesn’t have to be intimidating — in fact, it can be positive and empowering! We set the standard for how convenient, inviting, and revolutionary cannabis can be for communities and individuals.

Get closer to your cannabis.

Supporting California Communities

We’ve created a warm and welcoming space where anyone can come in and feel comfortable, but most importantly where we’re able to support and uplift the community. 



As part of the Grupo Flor family, East of Eden believes in the power of cannabis to empower individuals and communities. Here are just some examples of our initiatives and testimonials from members of the public.

The Weed for Warriors Project

Learn more about how Grupo Flor is leading the California cannabis industry.