How to Refill a Pod from a Cannabis Store

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Cannabis pods are convenient, discreet, and are a great way to enjoy cannabis without all the smoke. They come in different flavors and are a great way to try new strains. But after throwing away so many pods, have you ever wondered how to refill a pod?

One disadvantage to many pods is that they are not refillable, meaning you have to throw them away after you’ve used them just once. Thankfully, there is a simple way to refill certain pods, as long as you have the right pod and tools. Check out this post to learn how to refill a cannabis pod with a syringe.

Why Refill Your Cannabis Pod?

Despite their convenience, cannabis pods are quite wasteful. It can be especially frustrating if you end up with a strain that isn’t to your liking in terms of flavor or potency. But if you opt for the right pods, you may be delightfully discovered that they are refillable! 

Refiling your cannabis pods gives you the freedom to choose different strains, expanding your choices and experiences. It’s also an ideal practice for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Refilling your pods extends their lifespan, contributing to less waste. Yay Earth!

Quick Tutorial to Refilling Your Pods with Left Coast Extracts

Here’s how to refill your pod with a syringe, using Left Coast Extracts as an example. Left Coast Extracts offers both refillable pods and easy-to-use syringes, making them the perfect choice for this project.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  • Remove the white mouthpiece from your Left Coast Pod by prying it off. Tip: Wiggle the mouthpiece side to side and pull on it to remove it.
  • Once you remove the mouthpiece, you’ll see two smaller holes to the side of the main one used for airflow. Insert the syringe into one of the two side holes (do NOT insert the syringe into the center hole!)
  • Inject the syringe into the pod until it’s full.
  • For best results, use the same strain or wait until your pod is completely empty before refilling.
Your pod is now refilled and ready to use with a new strain!

Easy & Eco-Friendly

Now that you know how to refill pods, the opportunities are endless! You aren’t stuck with the strain you originally choose, and you can feel good about your eco-friendly choices.

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