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How to Shop at Our Dispensary in Salinas

Our dispensary in Salinas has an open-floor store model that allows you to freely browse our wide selection of products. Our friendly Cannabis Consultants are equipped with iPads and cannabis knowledge, ready to help you or take your order at any time. Think of our Cannabis Consultants as your personal shopping assistants — just call on them when you need help!

Once you Become a Member of East of Eden, here’s what you can expect from your shopping experience:

  • Walk through the door and get greeted by a friendly Cannabis Consultant.
  • Your Consultant will ask if you need help or would like to look around by yourself — be honest about your shopping preference so we can tailor your experience.
  • Once you are ready to place your order, tell a Cannabis Consultant who will submit it for you. Alternatively, you can use our self-checkout kiosks.
  • When your order is placed, our Fulfillment Team will pack it and deliver it to our Cashiers.
  • While you wait, please prepare cash or debit card (ATM on-site).
  • Listen for a Cashier to call your name as listed on your ID. Approach the register, confirm your order, and pay. Then you’ll be on your merry way!

Have questions about shopping at our dispensary in Salinas? Call (831) 237-7420 and we’ll gladly help!

We also offer curbside pickup and Salinas delivery services for your convenience.

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